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Julia Hollander

Julia Hollander

Since starting a family more than a decade ago, Julia Hollander has abandoned her career as an opera director in favour of one as a writer, illustrator and singer. She has written features and blogs for the Guardian and Telegraph newspapers as well as a variety of magazines including The Spectator and Red, andĀ also writes plays for Radio 4. Julia’s illustrations for her 2010 book, CHICKEN COOPS FOR THE SOUL, and recent paintings of the natural world, are on sale from this website and the occasional exhibition. In her third working guise, Julia sings a wide range of music from blues to art song, performing in gigs and as a soloist with choral societies, church choirs. She also leads voice groups, specialising in working with people with dementia.

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  • Comment from Kate

    I loved this book so much. Having been dreaming of getting chooks (in Australia) for a couple of years I have devoured countless books & articles on the subject. None have given me such a wonderfully satisfying book length account of the chicken owner’s journey, filled with a wealth of information, some of which I had read nowhere else. Now I know why some eggs smell fishy! I felt so much empathy with the feelings expressed at different times, but must confess I almost cried when I read of the dispatching of Ruby. I concur that we should be able to face up to realities of what we eat but fear I would need the whole bottle of wine to cope as well as you did!
    I will recommend this book far & wide, one read is not enough, I shall soon start it again.
    Thank you.

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