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Welcome to the Healthy Voice website where you can find out about my teaching work, children’s choirs and Community choirs.

You can discover where and what I am performing, and what my students are getting up to.  I love helping people to sing better, and I love to sing with and for people.

Latest Musings from The Blog

Welcome Autumn

Summer seemed so long and luscious - back in july I was the soloist in a super Brazilian concert in Oxford which was such fun and so much appreciated that it is being reprised - this weekend. And next morning I shall rise bright and early to recommence my duties as...

Bird song

"You can muffle the sound of the drums, you can loosen the strings of the lyre, but who can stop the skylark from singing?" Kahlil Gibran Over the summer I've been making music round campfires, in streets and churches. In churches there's been a lunchtime 40's...


IMPROV Last week was a good singing week - bounded at either end by a good solid Latin Mass (the first of which was a 4-parter by Palestrina, bliss), in the middle I did two pub gigs and a Cole-Porter afternoon, plus a day improvising in London. The improvising is a...

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