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Welcome to the Healthy Voice website where you can find out about my teaching work, children’s choirs and Community choirs.

You can discover where and what I am performing, and what my students are getting up to.  I love helping people to sing better, and I love to sing with and for people.

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I have been thinking a lot about the birth cry. Perhaps because there is a rush of spring babies arriving round my way, or perhaps because people reading my book seem to latch on to what I say about it in the opening chapter - that the pitch of the average baby's...

Australian launch of ‘Why we Sing’

My book about singing and why we humans are compelled to do it launches in Australia on January 31, 2023. To find out more, go to: https://www.allenandunwin.com/browse/book/Julia-Hollander-Why-We-Sing-9781760879686/ Here's what the Ozzie singing experts are saying...

Why We Sing – new book out in feb 2023

From lullabies to songs for the dying, Why We Sing is a fascinating exploration of singing in all its varied forms, from the personal perspective of Julia Hollander, song therapist, teacher and performer. In interrogating her own life experience and using the latest...

The Letter

Another outing for my radio programme from last year, about my grandfather's escape from Nazi Czechoslovakia thanks to a letter from the BBC - on sunday oct 4 and then on BBC Sounds https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m0002rv6  

Songs of Hope and Renewal – Holywell, Oxford, Sept 26

https://www.facebook.com/smvoxford/videos/768415154011309 September 26, 5pm and 8pm See you there

Trees for Life – monday june 8


Musing on what these Cancellations mean

I had three concerts lined up for the next couple of weeks - all of them cancelled due to Covid19. I want to try and think about what that means in terms of my community - who my music touches. The first was a big Beethoven 250-year celebration - a local choir and...

Climate Change and Spirituality Podcasts

This isn't about singing, but it is my voice (and others') - a series of podcasts for the Oxford University Church about the spiritual crisis that is part of our current climate crisis. Aiming at one a month. First up - reliable scientific context from IPCC author...


Aha - I just found a review of the Bach Christmas Oratorio I sang in before Christmas - 'sublime alto' they call me. https://www.great-milton.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/Dec-2019.pdf Of course, I was far too concerned with my 'Christmassy' outfit (a glittery...

November 22 – Holywell Concert

Julia Hollander, Peter McMullin and Anna Snesar Present English and Czech music for voice, piano and violin GOD MADE A TREE Holywell Music Room, Holywell St, Oxford 7.30pm, Friday November 22, 2019 Free Entrance - Donations to RAIN - Agroforestry in Brazil...

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